AquaBreath supports you in coming home to yourself. This profound healing modality combines Aquatic Body Work and Clarity Breathwork. Sessions take place in body temperature water in a holistic healing, professional environment.You will have time for sharing and self-inquiry connected with energy work in water.

You, as the receiver, will be held in a nurturing way and moved gently in the water.

Guided, conscious, connected breathing is encouraged throughout the session.

AquaBreath has similar healing elements of Rebirthing, Clarity Breathwork, Healing Dance, Water Dance, and Watsu. It helps you to work through many issues in a safe, warm, womb-like environment. Feel rejuvenated in a setting that supports the unfolding of deep healing, surrender and trust.

If you are willing to experience anything directly and immediately, whether good or bad, joyous or hateful, you will recognize that what you are running from doesn’t exist, and what you are running toward is already here. — Gangaji

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